Yasmin Vardar


Make-up Artist & Visagistin &  Friseurmeisterin
freiberuflich selbstständig seit 2003
Sprachen: deutsch - englisch - türkisch


Als Werbe- und Peoplefotograf muss man sich hundertprozentig auf das mitwirkende Team verlassen können. Yasmin Vardar hat durch Ihre Arbeit und den sicheren Umgang mit unseren Kunden voll überzeugt. Danke, Yasmin!

Werbe- und Peoplefotograf Tom Reindel


Working with Yasmin has been a great pleasure for us. Her openness to new places, peoples, cultures and customs; a keen intelligence, curiosity; and an unusual ability for dealing with people of all ages and conditions are qualities and great assets that are nowadays extremely hard to find.

The job requirements have been exceptionally high, dealing with over 80 re-enactors in period costumes, requiring wigs, beards, moustaches and battle wounds, including challenges like shot-off legs and arms and musket shots to heads and bodies during sea and land battles.

Yasmin has been sourcing all requisites for her job exactly as the film script required and call-times. All this work has been carried out in extreme heat and humidity and the usual pressures of changing / applying make-up between scenes. During these intense periods she has always been cheerful.

We are hoping that she will still be available to us for future productions.

CEO’s  Sylvia Krüger & Rick Haupt
Oceans Discovery